MYRIA MY1503 High-efficiency front load washer, 7kg, 1000rpm, A++, White


Washing capacity (kg): 7
Maximum spin speed (rpm): 1000
Energy class: A ++
Color: White

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Product description

Impeccable laundry after every wash!

The MYRIA MY1502 washing machine perfectly adapts to the needs of any family. Has a number of automatic settings designed to put your free time first.

No matter how dirty the laundry, the washing machine guarantees you an effective wash every time!

Masina de spalat Myria MY1503 en
It's a washing machine with a design that suits both in the bathroom and in the kitchen. It gives you superior quality at every wash and knows how to make money. Depending on the volume of clothing, the car adjusts the consumption of detergent, water and electricity.Masina de spalat Myria MY1504 design
Masina spalat Myria MY1504 program antialergic


It is a special feature designed for people sensitive to allergens or detergents. Designed with extra washing and rinse steps at high temperature, the function ensures impeccable washing and completely removes fabric softener so you can enjoy your favorite clothes. Ideal for washing children's clothes, especially those of babies.


Mixed program


Now you do not have to waste your time sorting your clothes. The program allows you to wash cotton and synthetic laundry in the same wash cycle. 


Program sport myria my1504

Sport program

No matter what sport you practice, your clothes need special attention. This program is specially designed to effectively remove stains in sports equipment.

spalare manuala my1504

Manual washing

A special evening dress or favorite lingerie that needs special attention to washing? The program washes delicately the delicate silk, satin or wool garments and gets the best results regardless of the fabric.

Program camasi masina de spalat myria my1504


Your shirts will look like we after each wash. To prevent degradation of fabric and color over time, this program uses a wash temperature of up to 40 ° and fewer rotations.

Daily 60

A large family needs a suitable program for all clothing times. This setting allows you to put the laundry on a daily basis without washing your head with the sort. 

Colored cotton cloths, jeans or lingerie will all be washed impeccably at a temperature of 60 ° in just 60 minutes.

Program rapid 15

Quick 15

If you are always at home just passing through this program, solve the problem of dirty clothes in just 15 minutes.

The program quickly cleans the dirty colored cotton or cotton coats in record time.

incarcare la jumatate my1504

Half load

The machine has an automatic charge detection system at half the capacity indicated for each program. If you put fewer laundry on the washing machine, the car will work in special mode. Automatically reduces washing time, water and power consumption for certain programs.

Delayed start


The function allows you to set the time the car starts the washing process. You choose when it's time for your car to wash your clothes.

Masina de spalat myria my1504 A++

Low power consumption

MYRIA My1503 washing machine is part of the A ++ energy class. This class guarantees you lower electricity consumption and lower bills, even half the size of your old washing machine.

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Protectie anti spuma masina de spalat Myria

Anti-foam protection


The washing machine automatically detects if the detergent has produced too much foam, excess that may affect the quality of laundry washing over time. The washing process is automatically turned off and the machine completes the amount of water until the foam is removed, then resumes the normal washing process.  


Crease Guard

How much do you waste with ironing? Put the laundry in Myria washing machine, press the anti-slip button and the car will adapt the washing program so that your clothes are not wrinkled. After drying, you can wear them without having to wipe them.

masina de spalat myria my1504 antisifonare

cuva masina de spalat myria my1504

Automatic load balancing system!

The electronic balance control system evenly distributes the laundry inside the drum. This automatic function always keeps the drum balanced while reducing the noise and vibrations during the squeeze program, thus lengthening the life of the product by reducing the degree of mechanical wear.

Masina de spalat Myria MY1502

Clean laundry and lower bills with organic cleaning!

The ecological wash system has been specially tailored to your needs in getting a perfect wash. Now you do not have to wait a few days to "put a car on the wash". Your favorite clothes are like us every day!

The Eco Wash program automatically adjusts the amount of detergent and water depending on the amount of laundry you have washed. You always enjoy clean clothes and lower electricity bills.

spalare ecologica Myria My1502

Equipped with a special self-diagnosis software, MYRIA MY1503 notifies you whenever there are small errors during use. Using the instructions in the manual, you can quickly remedy the situation without having to service again.

Did you forget coins in your pockets and block the pump filter? Is water pressure inappropriate? The machine will immediately show you an error code that you find in the owner's manual.

*For other errors that are not listed in the owner's manual, we recommend that you contact an authorized service center.

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Product Specifications

General features
3100088Washing capacity (kg)7
3100088Energy consumption (kWh/cycle)195 kWh/ year
3100088Centrifugation speed (RPM)1000
3100088Energy efficiency classA++
3100088Washing efficiency classA
3100088Spin-dry efficiency classC
3100088Display typeLED
3100088Washing programs15
3100088Washing cycle durationCotton 60 ° C (min): 200; Program length Cotton 60 ° C, charge 1/2 (min): 175; Program length Cotton 40 ° C, charge 1/2 (min): 170
3100088ProgramsQuick program - 15 minutes; Program for cotton, synthetic, delicate, wool, mixed
3100088TechnologiesEcoLogic system; Electronic control system; Fault detection system
3100088Special featuresAnti-foam protection; Unbalanced load protection; Drainage protection; Anti-child protection; Electronic temperature control; Electronic control of rotation; Electronic timer
Technical features
3100088Water supplyingCold water
3100088Water consumption (l)10337 l/ year
3100088Washing noise level (dB)58
3100088Porthole diameter (cm)30
3100088Cylinder volume (l)49
3100088Drum materialPolypropylene
3100088Compliance warranty2 ani
3100088Comercial warrantyAccording to the warranty certificate issued by the manufacturer
3100088Dimensions (L x D x H)59.7 x 52.7 x 84.5
3100088Weight (kg)62.5
Other Features
100088Other specificationsWater intake; Filter pump; Stainless steel drum; Large opening door; Door diameter: 44cm
3100088Power2100 W