We are creating innovation

Complet Electro Serv (CES) is a company involved in designing and implementing programs of sponsorship with Myria computing technology for educational facilities.

In 2008, CES has developed the educational program Myria@School to equip computer labs in four schools. The purpose of this project was to help students to develop technical and theoretical skills in computer science. The investment was over 50,000 USD.

Caring for environment has priority 

We support the care for the environment through recycling programs and engagement, along with partners such as Ecotic and other associations, through a series of information campaigns on the actions of collection and recycling of technology products.

In the construction of CES products, the recyclability of components has priority for us. Thus, our philosophy is to use resources in a controlled manner and to inform with indications about ways of collection and recycling, in order to protect the environment.

The actions of social responsibility are an integral part in our organizational culture and strive to support all programs that can favourably influence the natural environment, the Romanian communities and society.


We support performance in education

Together with partners such as EuclidLearning.ro, we sustain performance in education and we offer monthly prizes for outstanding results obtained in competitions.

Euclid Learning platform aims to train the students in the elementary school, both for the standard level proposed by the school, and for the competitions in the discipline of mathematics. Tests have multiple choice items or with short answers, and their correct resolution involves a deep reasoning and solid knowledge. The tests occur monthly and address to preparatory classes and those in elementary school (I, II, III, IV).

The platform can be found accessing the following link: http://euclid-learning.ro