We want to improve the life of each of our customers through Myria experience, the one of quality technology. We want the accessibility and current design of our varied range of products to help all users to conduct their daily activities with greater ease.


We intend to become leaders on the accessible market of electronics and appliances in Romania, and our ambition is that at least one Myria product to exist in every household. Moreover, we want to inspire the users to simplify their lives by adopting our technology which is accessible and user-friendly.


Design We are inspired by beautiful things and we seek to surround ourselves with as many as possible. In order to be able to inspire our clients, we bring them beauty as a modern and attractive design of the products, which brings a smile on their faces whenever they use Myria.
Technology We believe that technology represents the best assistance people can receive in developing many activities imposed by modern life. Therefore, we translate it enthusiastically in each Myria product, in order to simplify our customers’ lives.
Accessibility Through the wide range of products we offer, we can satisfy each customer’s needs and preferences, whatever they may be. Consequently, Myria products are ideal for any home, no matter how small or large it may be.
Communication We value diversity of opinions and answer every time to the suggestions and questions received, whether they come from clients or from those who show an interest towards Myria.