The procedure of taking over the defective product and calling at Call Centre

Preparing the defective product in order to be taken into service

To send a defective product in service during the warranty period, proceed as follows:

- check if the product is still under warranty, depending on the date of invoice, comparing the warranty period with the current date;

- if the product is under warranty, it is checked to see if it shows any aesthetic defects (broken sockets, liquid fed, seals damaged; at TV-sets and other products with screen check the integrity of the screen) – if these conditions are not met, the product will be repaired in post warranty.

- a statement of facts is drawn up, showing:

- customer data: full name, address, telephone number, e-mail;

- product details: product code, serial number, product procurement documents, the claimed defect as detailed as possible, aesthetic appearance and condition of the packaging (original or improvised, with or without protection elements), and the list of accompanying accessories.

The product is prepared for transportation by packaging in its original box or a similar one, so it can be transported safely, together with all accessories, the purchase invoice (in copy – the original remains to the client), the warranty certificate (in original) and the statement of facts about the defect; if the product does not have the original packaging, this will be specified in the statement of facts.


Contacting the Call Center

A defective product can be sent in service to be repaired in two ways:

- it can be carried to the store where the product was purchased, where it will be taken and sent in service by a representative of the store;

- by direct dial to Call Centre

The Call Centre can be contacted by phone call at one of the numbers 0374/16.83.03 or 021/5297178 or 021/529.71.77.


Call Centre Program:

Monday-Friday: 09.00-20.00

Saturday:   09.00-16.00

Program of Service:

Monday-Friday: 9.00 – 17.30

The caller must have the following information ready when initiating the call:

-           sender’s address, telephone, name of client;

-           invoice number and date (receipt) with which the product was purchased;

-           product code on the invoice;

-           series of the warranty certificate and the issuer;

-           the defect claimed by client (from the statement of facts)


The procedure of sending the package

The Call centre will open a ticket on the client’s name (the one in the invoice).

After registering the ticket in the Call Centre, the service will issue the lifting order through Nemo courier service.

An employee from Nemo will contact the client to arrange the takeover of the defective product. On the date of lifting, on the AWB of expedition prepared by the courier will be written the ticket number obtained from the call centre.

The AWB must be listed and pasted on the package in a  Poucher (adhesive transparent plastic sachet).


The information procedure on product status

After repair, the product will be sent by courier with the repair sheet and the mention of the repair made in the warranty certificate (where applicable).

Non-repairable products sold to clients will receive a replacement sheet signed by the service; the replacement sheet will be sent by e-mail to the store manager who sold the product, following that an employee of the store will contact the client in order to establish the details related to the replacement procedure of the non-repairable product.

Non-repairable products sold online will receive the replacement sheet signed by the service; the sheet will be sent by e-mail to the store closest to the residence of the client, which will handle the replacement of the product.

For information about the status of repairs, the service can be contacted by e-mail: or by phone at 0374/16.83.03.

It is preferable that service centre to be notified of any delay occurred in the repair of the products, so that corrective measures can be taken.


If the product is not returned from service until the 10th day after the takeover, a speeding application is made in order to speed up the process.

For post-warranty products, the service is notified in advance.

If the service agrees to take over the product for repair, the procedures above will be followed, and in the end the costs of repair and transport will be re-invoiced with cash on delivery to the client. If there are products in warranty sent to service, but are turned over to post-warranty from objective reasons (liquid fed, broken display, broken sockets etc.) then the client will bear the cost of finding and dispatch, if he doesn’t want the repair surcharged.

When the product is out of warranty from the client’s fault, the service contacts the client and informs him about the decision of the service and the costs associated with retrofitting.

If the client refuses the repair, then the product returns without being repaired and accompanied by all documents, including the service report.