MYRIA MY5003 Electric bottle sterilizer, 600W, 90ml


Type: Steam bottle sterilizer

Power (W): 600

Water tank capacity (ml): 90

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Product Specifications

General features
100088TypeSteam bottle sterilizer
1000088Power offAutomatically shut off and alerts when ready
Technical features
400088Power (W)600
4500088Supply voltage (V)220 - 240
4500088Compliance warranty2 years
4500088Comercial warrantyAccording to the warranty certificate issued by the manufacturer
100088Dimensions (L x D x H)29 x 25 x 32
4500088Weight (kg)1.7
Other Features
100088FacilitiesSterilizes with steam, chemical-free sterilizing kills 99.9% of harmful bateria; Quickly and effectively sterilizes your bottles, breast pump and accesories
100088Material0% BPA
100088Other specificationsSterilizes up to 6 bottles and their accesories; Digital countdown display; Sterilization time - 8 minutes; Water tank capacity - 90 ml