MYRIA MY9047 desk phone, black


Type: Desk phone

Screen type: LCD

Functions: Pre-dial and edit, redial and auto redial, LCD backlight

More details

Product description

Call history: 38 incoming calls and 5 dialed calls

5-digit zonal code

Pre-call and edit function

Hold call with music

Possibility to select between 8 ringtones

Pulse / tone dialing mode

Volume control switch

Handless operation: Call and Speech

Function background noise protection and anti-dial from parallel-connected phones

Automatic redial and redial functions

LCD Illumination Function (requires batteries)

Product Specifications

4800088Screen typeIPS LCD capacitive touchscreen
4800088TypeDesk phone
Power supply
4800088Comercial warrantyAccording to the warranty certificate issued by the manufacturer
4800088Dimensions (L x D x H)With packaging: 23.6 x 10.87 x 21.4
Other Features
100088CompatibilityFSK / DTMF compatible system
4800088OthersVolume control switch; 8 ringtones; 5-digit zonal code; Call history: 38 incoming calls and 5 dialed calls
5000088FunctionsPre-Call and Edit, Music Call Retrieval, Pulse / Tone Call Mode, Background Noise Protection and Anti-Dial Function from Parallel Phones, Redial and Auto Redial Functions, LCD Backlight Function (requires battery)
6100088AfisajThe display will show the month, day, time and year