MYRIA MYR60 Semi-automatic washing machine, 6Kg washing, 5.3Kg spining, white-blue


Washing capacity (kg): 6
Spining capacity (kg): 5.3
Number of vats: 2

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Product description

Clean clothes without running water

Do you want a washing machine but the lack of running water is a problem? With the Myria semi-automatic washing machine, it's easier than ever to keep your clothes clean and fragrant.

Forget the manual, heavy and tiring washing of your clothes, which gives you back pain. The Myria MYR60 is fast, economical and easy to use either in the home or even on the outside terrace.


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Maximum efficiency at low consumption

The washing machine is one of the most important appliances in a household. It saves you much effort and gives you time for other activities. You can wash up to 6 kg of laundry at one use, the right amount for a family of four.

The powerful engine has a low power consumption, while the bottom of the machine has a low noise level.

Squeezing laundry is just as easy. Take them out of the washbasin and move them to the rinse drum in just a few seconds. 


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Easy to use, nothing complicated!

Anyone, even grandmother, can use it. It is easy to handle with the help of three buttons with simple functions, translated into romanian.

The washing machine is equipped with two vats. The first washbasin can be fed with water manually or with a hose connected to the special outlet.

The second vat is dedicated to the spinning function. The blue protective cover has two roles:

  • It does not allow water to jump out of the machine;
  • Automatically stops the machine if it is in the spinning mode when it is raised. 

Programs and functions

Intuitive and easy to use, the machine allows you to set it the way you want. The three buttons set:

  • Washing time;
  • Washing program;
  • Spinning time.

Soon, your laundry is ready to dry on top.

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Product Specifications

General features
3100088Washing capacity (kg)6
3100088Drying capacity (kg)5.3
3100088TechnologiesWashing/ Spining power (W): 380/ 160
Technical features
3100088Washing noise level (dB)62
3100088Centrifugation noise level (dB)72
3100088MotorStrong power motor
3100088ColorWhite - Blue
3100088Dimensions (L x D x H)69 x 40 x 80
3100088Weight (kg)17
Other Features
100088MaterialPlastic body cabinet