MYRIA MY4505VL Upright vacuum cleaner stick 2 in 1, 1.3l, 800W, 0.8l, 800W, violet-black


Engine power (W): 800
Absorption capacity (l): 1.3
Color: Violet-Black

More details

Product description

For a healthy and allergy free life, cleanliness plays an essential role. Myria 2 in 1 vertical aspirator helps you absorb dust and keep clean for longer. The vacuum cleaner base comes with a special filter that holds dust and microbes.

You can use it either as a regular vertical vacuum cleaner or as a portable vacuum cleaner to quickly pick up the crumbs made by the little one or to clean daily maintenance.

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Useful in the whole house

The Myria MY4505 vacuum cleaner is the ideal choice if you want a compact and easy vacuum cleaner that does not take up much storage space. 2 in 1 mode of use allows you to use it as a traditional vertical or portable vacuum cleaner, giving you the mobility you need.

You can use it on multiple surfaces, such as carpets, tiles, or parquet.


Protective filter

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a HEPA filter. This type of filter is internationally recognized for its ability to retain dust and bacteria in the suction air.


The included accessories help to remove dust and dirt for longer. The basic vacuum cleaner package contains:

  • The stainless steel telescopic tube adjusts according to your height so you will avoid back pain. Because it is made of metal, it will allow you to insist in hard-to-reach places, with no fear of breaking, as is the case with plastic tube vacuum cleaners.
  • The main brush adapts to the surface you clean. It is useful both for flooring and carpeting.
  • The round brush helps you to remove animal hair or lint over time on the couch. Ideal for curtains or picture frames.
  • The 2 in 1 brush allows you to get easier behind the furniture, clean the dust tightly in the corners between the wall and the parquet or other hard-to-reach places. 


The vacuum cleaner has a total power of 800W. Easily mounts and dismounts, and in case of overheating, the built-in thermostat will not allow the vacuum cleaner motor to burn.

Product Specifications

General features
600088TypeVertical vacuum cleaner
600088Suction methodDry
600088Carpet cleaning efficiency classF
600088Surface cleaning efficiency classC
600088Dust emissions classD
600088FunctionsThe power cord storage space allows quick release of the cable; Dust container detachment button; Easy assembly and dismantling; Thermostat for overheating protection
Technical features
600088Motor power (W)800
Brushes and other accessories
600088Main brushStandard
600088Tube typeTelescopic
600088Tube materialMetallic
600088Comercial warrantyAccording to the warranty certificate issued by the manufacturer
600088ColorViolet - Black
600088Weight (kg)2.25