MYRIA MY4511 Bagless Canister Vacuum, 1200W, 2.5L, white-red


Engine power (W): 1200
Absorption capacity (l): 2.5
Filtration: HEPA
Color: White - Red

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Product description

Your house deserves the best technology in terms of cleaning. Vacuum cleaner Myria MY4511 combines advanced suction technology with modern looks and easy use by any family member. 

Aspirator fara sac myria my4511

The cyclone inside the vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaner has a patented cyclonic system that will clean dust and microbe air. Briefly, the centrifugal force pushes dust particles to the base of the container, while the exhaust air will be completely cleaned of dust and particles that create your allergy.

Throughout this process, suction power remains constant. You can control it directly from the vacuum cleaner handle.

Advantages of the vacuum cleaner without bag

  •  There is no need to change the vacuum cleaner bag; 
  •  The lack of the bag also leads to the removal of unpleasant odors emitted by the vacuum cleaner;
  •  The special container is easy to clean after each suction;
  • The cyclone system is very effective against animal hair.

Eliminates 99% of the impurities of the suction air

Are you allergic to dust? The HEPA filter of the vacuum cleaner has the function of effectively cleaning and retaining allergens, bacteria or dust from the suction air. Protect small children from allergy problems.


The stainless steel telescopic tube adjusts according to your height so you will avoid back pain. Because it is made of metal, it will allow you to insist in hard-to-reach places, with no fear of breaking, as is the case with plastic tube vacuum cleaners.

The main brush adapts to the surface you clean. It is useful both for flooring and carpeting.

The narrow-bore nozzle allows you to get easier behind the furniture, clean the dust tightly in the corners between the wall and the parquet or other hard-to-reach places. 

The 1200W vacuum cleaner sucks up any type of surface or material. Depending on the surface, the suction speed can be adjusted directly from the metal handle. 

Product Specifications

General features
600088TypeVacuum cleaner without bag
600088Suction methodDry
600088Energy efficiency classD
600088Carpet cleaning efficiency classD
600088Surface cleaning efficiency classA
600088Dust emissions classB
600088FunctionsPatented cyclonic system; Retractable cord; Power adjustable on the handle
600088FacilitiesHEPA filter
600088Absorbtion capacity (l)2.5
600088Filter typeHEPA
600088Water tank materialPlastic
Technical features
600088Motor power (W)1200
600088Suction power (W)220
600088Noise level (dB)82
Brushes and other accessories
600088Main brushECO
600088AccessoriesCombined accessory, narrow spaces
600088Tube typeTelescopic
600088Tube materialMetallic
Power supply
600088Supply voltage (V)220 - 240 V
600088Compliance warranty2 years
600088Comercial warrantyAccording to the warranty certificate issued by the manufacturer
600088ColorWhite - Red
600088Dimensions (L x D x H)40 x 28 x 24
600088Weight (kg)3.8