MYRIA MY4001Slow Juicer, 150W, 65 rpm, reverse function, red and black


Type of Juicer: Slow Juicer
Reverse function
Power (W): 150

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Product description

Are you always busy and in a hurry? Do you feel tired due to lack of vitamins?

For a healthy and balanced lifestyle, nutritionists recommend eating a lot of fruits and vegetables daily. The Myria MY4001 cold-press juicer helps you combine the fun with the pleasure of enjoying a delicious glass of juice squeezed out of the freshest fruit and vegetables rich in minerals, fiber and vitamins.


More juice, more reasons to smile

Cold pressing and crushing technology with 42% more vitamin C and 60% vitamin A. In addition, it provides up to 55% more juice compared to a traditional juicer.

Let yourself guided by taste and imagination and mix the fruits with your favorite vegetables. The snail crusher also gets the last drop of juice, whether they are citrus juice or fiber-rich vegetables such as beets or celery.

You will have at your table a delicious source of vitamins for energy and fiber that improve digestion.


Grafic Storcator.jpg

The power jug allows you to squeeze various fruits and vegetables that you quickly split into pieces with the device included in the package. If you overstretch the amount and get stuck, the Reverse function helps you and unlocks the juicer.

And clean it, nothing simpler. Insert the water while it is on and clean it yourself with large debris. The brush included in the package helps you effectively clean the sieve and the rest of the detachable parts.

5 reasons to choose the slow Myria MY4001 juicer:


The juice does not oxidize, you can keep it in the refrigerator for up to 48 hours;

Cold juice from fruits and vegetables keeps all the necessary vitamins and nutrients;

You get more juice with a smaller amount of fruits and vegetables;

You can squeeze verdets such as dill, parsley, cabbage, dill or make milk from soy or almond seeds;

Less foam or even no juice.



Container without BPA

The plastic container does not contain bisphenol, a dangerous substance that can be found in most plastic containers. The vessel does not absorb odors or tastes. 

Product Specifications

General features
4600088Device typeSlow Juicer
4600088Protective lidYes
4600088Pulp removal deviceYes
4600088Detachable container for scrap collectingYes
4600088FunctionsReversible function to avoid blockage, Reduces oxidation during preparation. Amount of up to 55% more juice compared to traditional juicers
4600088Special featuresTritan BPA FREE Bowl
Technical features
4600088Power (W)150
4600088Supply voltage (V)220 - 240
4600088Noise level (dB)≤65
4600088Power cord length (m)1.2
Hard disk
5500088Revolutions per minute (RPM)65
4600088Compliance warrantyAccording to the warranty certificate issued by the manufacturer
4600088Comercial warranty2 years
4600088Dimensions (L x D x H)21.5 x 17.5 x 44.5
4600088Weight (kg)4.28