MYRIA MY4065 Wide Mouth Fruit and Vegetable Juice Extractor, 850W, black-stainless steel


Type: Juice and vegetable juice extractor
Speed steps: 2
Power (W): 850
Accessories: Juice cup
Color: Black-Stainless steel

More details

Product description

Fruit and Vegetable Juice Extractor MY4065 helps you stay in shape throughout the day. Consume natural fruit and vegetables every meal and make sure you get the right vitamins. That way, you live healthily and enjoy your life.

More juice, less effort

The 7,5 cm diameter siphon feeder tube, the 850 W engine and the two gears, help you squeeze more juice into the 1L pot of any vegetable or fruit in just a few seconds.


Safety first

For safety, the engine is equipped with an automatic protection system. Prevents accidents, the engine does not start until the dish is placed in the proper holder. In case of overheating, the appliance will automatically shut down.


Non-slip system

Don't worry, the juicer will not leave the kitchen counter. Its base is vibration resistant and is equipped with mini-suction cups against slipping.

Quick wash

After use, easily remove any component that you quickly clean under a powerful jet of water. The screening and separating sieve are made of stainless steel. 


And the debris is useful

After use, do not throw the pulp tightly in the special 2 liter container. If you like to eat healthy, you can prepare delicious cookies, pies, chek or muffins with the remaining pulp. Moreover, you can turn your pulp into compost for plants, it will help them grow faster and nicer. 

Product Specifications

General features
3300088Container capacity (l)Juice: 1l; Pulp: 2l
4600088Device typeFruit and vegetable juice extractor
4600088Speed settings2
4600088Protective lidNo
4600088Pulp removal deviceNo
4600088Detachable container for scrap collectingYes
4600088AccessoriesJuice cup
Technical features
4600088Power (W)850
4600088Supply voltage (V)220 - 240
4600088Noise level (dB)85
4600088Compliance warranty2 years
4600088Comercial warrantyAccording to the warranty certificate issued by the manufacturer
4600088ColorBlack - Stainless steel
4600088Dimensions (L x D x H)26 x 20 x 40
4600088Weight (kg)3.9