MYRIA MY4028RD Slow juicer, 200W, red


Type: Slow juicer
Power (W): 200
Color: Red

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Product description

Drink fruit and vegetable juice every day and keep your vitamin intake. MYRIA MY4028 juicer gets more juice at every spin with cold pressing technology. Consuming freshly squeezed and tasty juice every day, you will feel the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

More juice without a drop of effort!

Thanks to the large capacity of the feed tube, you can insert the whole fruit, earning time in your favor. Do not forget to wash them well before.

The 60-minute melt snail system gets the last drop of juice, more exactly about 90% of the fruit is turned into juice. At the same time, the slow squeezing system ensures more pulp in squeezed juice.   

slow juicer myria my4028

Start your morning with a smile! 

Drink a glass of health every day with your loved ones. Combine fruits and vegetables as you like. Whether they are lean citrus or fiber-rich vegetables such as beets or celery, choose any combination you like.

Juice is ideal to give babies the intake of vitamins they need every day. No dyestuffs, preservatives or other noxious methods of obtaining the juice.   

control digital myria my4028

Control and digital functions!

Myria My4028 is a slow juicer that has been optimized and optimized with eight programs for the proper squeezing of different types of fruits and vegetables:

  • The first three programs are for vegetables and fruits: harsh, medium and soft;
  • Prepare immediately a delicious mix with the special setting for extracting juice from mixed fruits and vegetables;
  • You have at your disposal a dedicated program for hard vegetables with fewer fibers;
  • The juicer can easily extract milk from soybeans, peanuts, cashew nuts or other seeds;
  • Prepare your favorite salads quickly with the function specifically adapted for this task. (* you need special accessories for this feature);
  • After you finish, the eighth program facilitates easy automatic cleaning. 
slow juicer myria my4028

Why do you need a slow juicer?

The juice does not oxidize, you can keep it in the refrigerator for up to 48 hours;

Cold juice from fruits and vegetables keeps all the necessary vitamins and nutrients;

You get more juice with a smaller amount of fruits and vegetables;

You can squeeze verdets such as dill, parsley, cabbage or you can make milk from soy or almond seeds;

Less foam or even no juice.

Nothing to throw!

And the pulp can turn into delicious and healthy recipes for you and your little ones. Cookies, pies, chec, muffins, just your culinary sense. Sour plants and vegetables can be turned into baby food or added to salads.

Turn the pulp left in the compost and put it in the pot of plants. It will help them grow quickly and nicely.

Product Specifications

General features
4200088FacilitiesLow speed spindle; Protective system with microswitch; Continuous operation: 20 min; High efficiency of juice extraction
4600088Device typeSlow juicer
4600088FunctionsReverse function
Technical features
4600088Power (W)200
4600088Supply voltage (V)220 – 240
4600088Noise level (dB)65
4600088Power cord length (m)1.05
Hard disk
5500088Revolutions per minute (RPM)60
4600088Compliance warranty2 years
4600088Comercial warrantyAccording to the warranty certificate issued by the manufacturer
4600088Dimensions (L x D x H)20 x 19 x 50
4600088Weight (kg)4.6
Other Features
3900088MaterialPlastic housing; Food plastic container; Plastic loading container; Polypropylene pushing device; ABS handle
4700088Other specificationsEasy to clean; Cold pressing preserves nutrients and reduces the oxidation of the juice
4800088ProtectionElectrosecurity class: I