MYRIA MY4500 Vacuum cleaner, 4l, 1400W, black and red


Engine power (W): 1400
Absorption capacity (l): 4
Color: Black - Red

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Product description

Does your vacuum cleaner give you the impression that it produces more dust than suction? It's time to go to the next level of cleanliness! The Myria MY4500 water filter removes dust and sucked microbes, providing the clean air you want after cleaning.

Ideal for people suffering from various allergies caused by dust particles.

Full suction and clean air

The vacuum cleaner is provided with the innovative water filtration system of dust particles and benefits from the HEPA filter. During the aspiration, the water in the filter together with the special filter has the role of retaining even the smallest yarn dust. This will eliminate 99% of the dust and bacteria in the house, keeping fresh air in the home.

Blowing function

With the air blowing function you can easily remove dust and dirt from hard-to-reach places. 


The cyclone inside the vacuum cleaner

The 1400W  vacuum cleaner sucks without any problems with any surface or material. The four-speed gears are easily adjusted during aspiration due to the luminous control panel attached to the main lever. 

After use, the retractable cable allows you to squeeze it in just a few seconds.

  • The main brush adapts to the surface you clean. It is useful both for flooring and carpeting.
  • The sofa brush helps you to remove animal hair or lint over time.
  • The enclosed nozzle allows you to get easier behind the furniture, clean the dust tightly in the corners between the wall and the parquet or other hard-to-reach areas. 


Let the vacuum cleaner burden the cleaner. The included accessories help to remove dust and dirt for longer. The basic vacuum cleaner package contains:

  • The stainless steel telescopic tube adjusts according to your height so you will avoid back pain. Because it is made of metal, it will allow you to insist in hard-to-reach places, with no fear of breaking, as is the case with plastic tube vacuum cleaners.
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Product Specifications

General features
600088Suction methodWith water filtration
600088FunctionsAdjustable power, retractable cable
600088Absorbtion capacity (l)4
600088Filter typeHEPA
600088Full dust bag indicatorYes
Technical features
600088Motor power (W)1400
600088Noise level (dB)78
600088Power cord (m)5
Brushes and other accessories
600088Main brushMain brush for two types of surfaces: floors and carpets
600088Tube typeTelescopic stainless steel tube
600088Hose materialPlastic
Power supply
600088Supply voltage (V)220 -240 V
600088Low battery indicatorYes
600088Comercial warrantyAccording to the warranty certificate issued by the manufacturer
600088ColorBlack - Red
600088Dimensions (L x D x H)49.5 x 33.0 x 31.5
600088Weight (kg)7